letter to myself

 I’m sorry: For all the times that I thought you are not enough For all the times I’ve compared you to other people, thinking that you are not doing enough with your life For the times, I’ve starved you because of being overly emotional For the puffy eyes, I’ve given you because of crying a […]

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The process

I thought adulting was all fun and games I thought it was freedom to do what you want,when you want I thought it was a bed of roses without thorns I thought having responsibilities was easy I thought that love and happiness will always be there That i’ll always get emotional support when i needed […]

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Noble soul

One day I’ll have a son How will I want him to be like? What characters will I want him to have? What kind of man will I mould him into? For him to be a good son, brother, boyfriend and eventually dad? A well respected man with admirable characters? I know he’ll choose his […]

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Down in my heart

As they walked down the dark street,fingers interlocked,bodies so close together looking like one The stars above them shinning so bright showing how proud they were of them I stood there,darkness surrounding me reflecting my soul,no single star above me,burning up with jealousy even though the goosebumps on my skin couldn’t hide how cold and […]

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Love thoughts

Every minute in my life is a think of you minute What is it like in your head? You know,with me in it? In my head its pure darkness and sadness without you A bed of roses maybe? With all its thorns? ‘Cause I know I’m not always a smooth ride Do you love me […]

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Her love

She’s an old fashioned kind of love Everything around her is evolved,but her love is ancient When it comes to love,antique is her style Treats loyalty with respect Prefers ‘sorry’ to ‘it’s over’ Treasures time spent together,she doesn’t need it on cameras,cause it’s forever at heart She’s a throwback to time,when love didn’t cost a […]

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Self image

Rolling out of bed in the morning Puffy eyes from crying Takes a hot shower,but won’t help melt away the thoughts in my head Puts on some smokey eyes,to cover the puffy eyes But most importantly,my mask on.Never to be forgotten Fake smile,fake happiness,tough attitude,ready for the day ahead She’s too loud,she’s too bitchy,too talkative […]

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